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The story of how Jenergy For Life began. For most of my life I had great posture, fitness, and flexibility! That is until I graduated from physical therapy school and started to spend several hours a day sitting down at a computer documenting and reviewing patient records. I started to develop similar pains to what I was treating in my patients. I began to have lumbar pain, cervical pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain. I started to evaluate the situation to assess how I had arrived at this point after so many years of great fitness. I realized that I had stopped exercising, I started sitting, my posture became poor, and my musculoskeletal system became imbalanced. Muscles like to have a happy medium between flexibility and strength so that they may perform the most efficiently. In the PT world we call this the "length tension relationship" and mine, like so many of my patients, had been thrown out of balance, which is a recipe for pain.


At the same time, my friends and family were frequently asking me how to address their chronic pain conditions, that were painfully similar to the conditions that I was developing. So I began to create an exercise program for all of us that would combat the negative cultural factors (sitting too much, looking down at smart phones, working at computers, and overall poor posture) that lead to the particular weaknesses and muscle tensions that so many of us acquire. I could tell that God was beginning something, but I wasn't sure where to go or what to do with it .


The final catalyst was a wonderful weekend course taught by Carole Lewis, a pioneer in the field of Geriatric Physical Therapy, where she discussed the importance of community screens to help teach people about the power of physical therapy to keep you healthy even as we age! I knew that I had found a new purpose, and Jenergy For Life, LLC was born! After months of trial classes with my friends I knew I had something amazing that could change the way people move and live! 


My mission grew further to include the  Jenergy Wellness show on YouTube! I provide educational videos on fitness, gardening, basic nutrition/healthy eating and mindset hacks to improve your overall positivity and wellness. My videos on the Jenergy For Life YouTube channel further allow me to guide others on the journey to be Happy, Healthy, and Strong for life!

The final expansion of my wellness and healing mission now includes Integrative Dry Needling! This amazing technique uses acupuncture needles to desensitize peripheral nerves as well as reduce the size and severity of trigger points (those pesky knots that cause pain and mobility limitations). I perform this adjunct technique in my home as well as part of my mobile traveling PT services. It is a wonderfully efficient technique and I can't wait to share it with you!

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