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Buy Epilog Laser Machine [REPACK]

The Fusion Maker by Epilog Laser is the newest entry-level CO2 laser engraving, cutting, and marking system, combining hobbyist-level pricing with industrial-level engineering. It can produce engraving and cutting projects from a variety of materials including wood, acrylic, textiles, paper, plastic, and much more.

buy epilog laser machine

Higher wattage's allow you to run the laser at higher speeds to engrave to the same depth on materials, and you can also cut through thicker materials in a single pass. The Fusion Maker is available with 30 and 40-watt laser options. If a machine with your desired wattage is not currently in stock, you can order one through your distributor.

Do I need the Exhaust and/or Filtration System Accessory? All lasers need to either exhaust to the outside or use an internal filtration unit to clean the air of dust and debris, so you can either use a filtration or exhaust unit listed above, or source one on your own. The Fusion Maker laser requires an exhaust fan that is rated at a minimum of 350 CFM for external exhaust. Factors such as length and type of tubing from the Epilog laser to the exhaust fan and from the exhaust fan to the outside of the building can produce significant losses on the true amount of air that is drawn from the Epilog laser. The Portable Exhaust Unit will require metal ducting leading to and from the laser system and exhaust fan. It attaches to a 4" exhaust port on the back of the laser system.

Online training is included with the system through the Epilog Laser Training Suite that walks you through setting up your system, basic laser design concepts, and maintenance tips and tricks. For in-person training, please contact the distributor in your area to purchase additional training packages.

No, we use air-cooled CO2 lasers, so no additional cooling is required. The use of the metal/ceramic laser design allows us to fire the laser at higher speeds than other technology and provides a longer life on the tube before recharging is needed.

Epilog's lasers come with a 2-year warranty that covers all parts of the system, including the laser tube. If you have an issue with your system, you'll call our Technical Support department, and they will help to diagnose the problem and ship the parts out to you. The machines are designed so they can be repaired easily by you, and the easy, step-by-step video instructions on the Training Suite walk you through replacement of many parts of the machine. Even after your warranty has expired, lifetime phone assistance is provided for the machines.

If you need additional help purchasing a machine, there is no one more experienced with our equipment than our distributors. They are our local contact for you and are able to assist you with in-person demonstrations, selecting the right machine for you, applications testing, and much more. They also have the full range of Epilog machinery available for purchase. You can find your distributor by clicking here.

The higher the wattage, the thicker the materials you can cut through and the faster you can run the laser to get to the same engraving depth. A 30/40-watt laser source cuts up to 1/4" thick hardwoods and acrylics in a single pass.

After decades of combined experience with working with laser engraving and laser cutting systems, we have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite laser engravers. We are not affiliated with any laser systems manufacturer, this list is based on our own personal experience. The reason for this list is simply to help other out and avoid the problems we went though over the years. You might not use the machine the same way we do and may not necessarily need the same.

We have focused on two categories. One for businesses such as design firms, maker spaces, architects and sign/trophy companies. The second list will be focused on hobby lasers for personal use or for small design firms that only make something occasionally. Hobby lasers are a bad choice for anyone trying to make a living using them and should not see it as a cheap alternative.

The following lasers are what we would recommend for small businesses which include designers, makerspaces and all other professional using the machine for business purposes. If you are serious about running a business in laser cutting you will need a tool that will offer high quality and reliable performance.

Universal Laser systems is another American company making very high end laser engraving and cutting machines. Universal, which has been around for 30 years (since 1988) has a wide range of lasers to fit just about any need. Universal lasers are frequently used in Universities and maker spaces around the world as they are known for their durability, speed and precision.

In business since 1988, Epilog Laser has worked hard to become the leader in the laser engraving, cutting and marking industry. We are innovators. We are problem solvers. We are committed to designing and manufacturing the highest-quality laser systems, right here in our Golden, CO headquarters.

Our original concept was to bring CO2 laser engraving systems to both commercial customers, small business owners and the home craftsman, but we certainly didn't stop there. Over the years we developed larger, more powerful CO2 laser systems and in 2006 we expanded our product line to offer the FiberMark, a system that allows for permanent marking on all types of metals.

In 2008, Epilog launched the industry's first low-cost entry-level CO2 laser engraving system, the Epilog Zing Laser, to bring our technology to an even wider audience. Today our systems are used around the globe in a myriad of markets for seemingly endless applications.

For laser engraving and cutting machine sales in Europe, contact Richard van Densen at Epilog Laser BV, our European headquarters. Richard van Densen and our dedicated team located in the Netherlands will help find the right system to meet your needs.

Kern Lasers Systems is updating the wattage of its mid-range lasers, replacing the KT250 and KT400 models, which are rated at 250 and 400 watts respectively, with the new 300-watt KT300 and 500-watt KT500.

Laser Lab India Pvt Ltd (LLIPL) is a pioneer laser company in India to provide complete laser solution for industrial applications like marking, engraving, micro machining, solar cell scribing, cutting, welding, surface treatment, laser cleaning & rust removal and special purpose machines for solar cell industry, RFID Industry and many industrial applications.

At New Delhi we have established most modernLaser Gallery cum Application Lab, which houses all types of laser machines under-the-one-roof for live demonstration and trials of different applications. This gives our customers a hands-on on our laser machines with a cup of coffee & makes the machine selection quick and a lot easier for them.

I want to buy a co2 laser cutting machine to start my business of advertising signs, the main use is the cutting acrylic. Any advice on which brand to choose? I read a lot on ebay, but I was confused. Can anyone help and recommend one? Thanks in advance.

Using brand products are always good. If you want to buy a good laser machine then you can go through -Machines-C37.aspx.Here you can get good products with affordable prices. Recently I bought a 60W CO2 laser machine. It is a professional grade engraving/cutting machine with the latest 4th generation DSP technology with Color Display!

I do not recommend Laguna. I purchased one of their 150w CO2 Lasers. It has been a nightmare to say the least. Hopefully I can get my full review of the machine and my experience with the company posted soon.

Mike, along with his two partners, Steve Garnier and John Doran, owns Epilog Laser, a company taking firm aim at the woodworking market. Although large shops and specialized manufacturers have been using lasers to cut wood for some time, Epilog is working to put that technology within our grasp.

We manufacture two types of laser systems. Our fiber laser, so-called because the laser is developed in an optical fiber, is used almost exclusively for metal and plastic marking. All the rest of our products are CO2 lasers, and they encompass about 94 percent of our product output. These are ideal for wood. They range in price from $8,000 to $50,000 with prices based primarily on work area and laser wattage.

At the bottom end, the Zing has a 16- by 12-inch table and a 25-watt laser. At the upper end is a 36- by 24-inch table with 120-watt laser. Laser wattage, as far as wood is concerned, translates only into speed. The higher the wattage, the faster the cut, but any machine will do any job. The smaller ones simply take longer.

The laser beam is invisible, so watching it cut is fascinating. You can see where it contacts the material, but not the beam itself. Because the beam can both burn you and damage your eyes, we always keep it in an enclosed cabinet for safety reasons.

Each machine works in two distinctly different modes, both similar to two primary types of computer printers. The plotter mode follows vector lines, and is best for cutting all the way through wood. The raster mode produces one line at a time, like most desktop inkjet printers, and is best for thicker, shallower lines, like engraving text or surface graphics. You set all the laser parameters the same way you set up paper orientation and print quality. Instead of a printer depositing ink on paper, the laser burns away a spot of wood. You can run raster, vector or a combination of the two in one job.

The Epilog Helix 24 is a CNC laser cutter that is capable of cutting, rastering, and etching a variety of materials in two dimensions (along the X-Y plane). The Epilog Helix uses color mapped vector files to cut material up to 1/4" (5mm) thick.

Note: Use of the laser is first come, first served. You must first send your file to the laser cutter (prepared using our template) to be added to the queue. When there is an active queue, users have up to one hour to cut their job. Any jobs longer than one hour will be stopped after 60 minutes and the user added anew to the end of the queue. 041b061a72


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