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Description: E1205LVCLD1zip are series Dimmension 1.0 inch (2.54 cm) high contrast load cell manufactured by ECAL Laboratories Inc. It is a class 1 loadcell that complies to IEEE E1049-1992 standards. This loadcell can be used on either three-phase balanced VFDs and FFCs or 2-phase unbalanced VFDs and FFCs. It also can be used on FFCs. Loadcells are used in monitoring applications to measure small loads or to measure the torque generated by small motors. This type of loadcell is a commonly used type of loadcell in control engineering applications. It has all the characteristics of a traditional single coil, but it is made of two sets of coil, called pairs. Each of the pairs can be used separately to generate a balanced output voltage, or the pairs can be combined to form an unbalanced output voltage that can be directly connected to a load. The balanced bridge mode makes this loadcell useable in three-phase balanced VFDs and FFCs. The unbalanced bridge mode makes this loadcell useable in a two-phase unbalanced VFD and FFC. The E1205LVCLD1zip loadcell is a four-lead, four-coil, two-pole, single-unit loadcell made of polypropylene sheet, cast as a full bridge loadcell. The load cells can be replaced with series linear DC loadcells if required. The E1205LVCLD1zip loadcell is an active loadcell. It is required to have an external, series resistor in the circuit to provide the internal current needed for the coil drive circuit to properly drive the coils. This loadcell does not have an internal resistor. Features: Four-lead, four-coil, two-pole, single-unit loadcell made of polypropylene sheet, cast as a full bridge loadcell. The loadcell faces left to right and bottom to top, making it face up if it is installed upside down on a load panel. Pair No. 1 series coils are designated E1205LVCLD1zip-01, Pair No. 2 series coils are designated E1205LVCLD1zip-02, Pair No. 3 series coils are designated E1205LVCLD1zip-03, and Pair No. 4 series coils are designated E1205LVCLD1zip-04. Each load cell consists of four coil segments, arranged in a four-leaf clover pattern. The four coil segments in each pair (E1205LVCLD1zip-01 and E1205LVCLD1zip-02, E1205LVCLD1zip-03 and E1205LVCLD1zip-04) are distinguished by a '+' or a '-' symbol. The four load coil segments generate four output signals when the internal current provided by the drive circuits is applied. The four series coil segments in each pair have the same internal resistance and drive current rating. When the drive circuits provide a constant current through each pair of series coil segments, the coil voltage generated by each coil segment in each pair is equal.



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