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Brotato V0.5.11

Brotato you command a o in the top-down action game Brotato, which allows you to utilize up to six maneuvers at once to fight waves of invaders. To live until help arrives, create your own structures utilizing a variety of materials and attributes. Fight swiftly and ruthlessly in various Brotato Game settings. Continue to battle and succeed!Although Brotato Game appears to be a simple shoot-and-run game, brotato is far more challenging to play. Only half of the participants were unable to advance past the first boss level.Features:- Diverse brotato characters with many different power characteristics.- A lot of choices of weapons as you play with brotato.- An ocean of items brotato shooter to increase your survivability in the roguelike game.- Emotional outburst with the bombardment effect defeating the enemies of brotato shooter.

Brotato v0.5.11




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