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Mark Levine Jazz Theory Book Pdf Download

by Mark LevineThis book is one of the most comprehensive studies of jazz harmony and theory ever written from the author of "The Jazz Piano Book." It takes the student from the most basic jazz concepts through bebop and pentatonic scales, playing “outside” the changes, playing salsa/latin jazz, and a study of reharmonization. It is a VERY popular book with students and teachers and is taught in many University music departments around the world. French edition also available.

Mark Levine Jazz Theory Book Pdf Download

The Jazz Theory Book is an influential work by Mark Levine, first published in 1995.[1] The book is a staple in jazz theory,[2] and contains a wide range of jazz concepts from melodic minor scales and whole tone scale to bebop scales, diminished scales and "Coltrane" reharmonization. Levine assumes that the reader can read music, and gives over 750 musical examples.

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We are also pleased to present below a very important book about someone who has been a central part of Jazz Lines Publications virtually since its inception, the great Gerry Mulligan. Gerry left behind many recordings which have finally been catalogued and edited to allow this most interesting and versatile of musical figures to tell his story in his own words. Baritone sax pioneer, visionary bandleader, composer/arranger of historically important works, and collaborator with many of the biggest names in the jazz genre, it is fair to call Gerry a Jazz Renaissance Man. We are proud to publish much of his legendary catalog in collaboration with his gracious and generous widow Franca. We highly recommend this fabulous new chronicle of one of the greatest lives in jazz history.


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