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3 : The End Mountains

The trail reaches the Springer Mountain summit at 4.3 miles. Views of the southern Appalachian Mountains extend from the rocky summit, nearby mountains rolling in layers of blue haze in the far distance.

3 : The End Mountains

Mountaintop removal destroys lives and communities. Citizens living in mining areas say it's like being in a war zone. Blasts shake houses, crack windows and foundations, ruin wells, send boulders careening into homes, and coat everything in dust. In 2004, a three-year-old child was killed in his sleep when a boulder from a mine site crashed into his home. Stripped mountains cause devastating flooding and landslides. Locals who speak up against mountaintop removal are harassed by coal thugs who kill their pets, threaten their children, and try to run them off roads. 041b061a72


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