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Manet - Devour (2017)

Red or pink hard-boiled eggs were also part of our Easter tradition. They sat in a bowl looking pretty for a few days until we were allowed to devour them. I used to marvel at their elegant simplicity. I recall that my mother boiled the eggs with an old red cloth, but she says she used food colouring. It may be that I am remembering the early years in Montreal while she is remembering the more prosperous later years.

Manet - Devour (2017)

Heracles had to wrestle with Diomedes to overcome him, then took him to the stables. Diomedes was put in with the mares, where they started to devour him; in doing so, they were finally cured of their unnatural hunger for human flesh, and Heracles was able to take the horses back in completion of his eighth labour. 041b061a72


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